animationCounter.js is a jQuery plugin that animates a number from a value to another or to infinite value

1. Download & Installation

1.1. Download the latest version from GitHub
1.2 or install via bower package manager:
bower install animationCounter.js
1.3 Add your js file ‘animationCounter.js’ after jQuery, before your closing body tag
<script src="animationCounter.js" type="text/javascript">

2. Use

In your JS file, call the animationCounter() function with default parameters


Or call animationCounter() function with your parameters like this the following example :

start: 0,
end: 500,
step: 1,
delay: 1000,
txt: ' €'

3. Options

Parameters Type Definition Default
start integer The value where the counter started 0
end integer The value where the counter stopped null
step integer The interval between the values 1
delay integer The intervals (in milliseconds) on how often to execute the code 1000
txt string The text displayed after your counter ’’

4. Demo

You can see how it’s works on the demo page

5. License

Copyright © Micheline Pavadé
This project is released under the MIT License.